Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here, There, and Everywhere!

Since I began blogging (or at least making the attempt!), I have been enjoying Dawns blog over at Crafty Ramblings. She has a fabulous prize in celebration of reaching 20,000 visitors! The challenge is to post pictures of your crafting area on your blog.

This is a tad bit embarrassing to admit, but my craft supplies are currently spread out between two different rooms, one storage shed, and a basement! So here are a few pictures from the various nooks and crannies that I have crammed my supplies into!

This is the bottom drawer of my desk, which is storing various bags of foam letters, paper scraps, buttons and what-nots!

Here I have the bottom of an entertainment center-turned-crafty nook storing some scissors, paint brushes, scraps of stationary/cards, and various other this and thats!

This next little space is the corner of my desk. It has some tags, pens, pencils, paint and my candy dish full of lip glosses. I'm a lip gloss junkie!

I would also like to say thank you to everyone who has left me a comment! Since I've started this, I am spending WAY more time looking at other fabulous blogs, instead of snazzing mine up!
And by "snazzing" mine up, I mean making a new post every other day or so. It took me just about forever and a day to figure out how to put a visitor counter up! Oh well, baby steps!

'Til next time,


Dawn said...

Hi Cassie
Well it's really neat and tidy - it's great looking at everyones crafty spaces and how they adapt things to hold their stash - thanks so much for sharing your pics and good luck!


Your blog will become even more addictive and you will learn more and more - There is a blog for new bloggers - details on my side bar under tips and tutorials - you might like it!

Bye for now

Maureen said...

Thanks for commenting Cassie. Craft stuff does tend to ooze about doesn' it!

Kara Ward said...

Blogging is addicting. I am cleaning and organizing my crafts is killing me. I feel like I have taken over the basement. Kara