Friday, January 9, 2009

I Went Through My Window Today!

Well, as many of you know, I have been waiting for a phone call that I should have received no later that Wednesday. I kept thinking this week, when one door closes isn't a window suppose to open? Where is my window already!!!!! That's how I've been answering that in my head! Well, I called and left a message yesterday for the woman who interviewed me two of the three times for the job. She wasn't at her desk (so they said), so I left a message inquiring if the position had been filled. Crickets from the phone I tell ya. This seemed to be a done deal. Out of my hands. Then today. Out of the blue. The phone rings. I had my questions all prepared: "Will my resume stay on file for future openings?" "Is there any one particular thing that threw me out of contention for the position, after three interviews?" and so on and so forth. I didn't even get a chance to ask that much. Here is how it went down...

Telephone: Riinnnnngggggg

Me: Hello?

Two time interviewer: May I speak with Cassandra?

Me: This is she.

Two time interviewer: Hi, how are you today?

Me: Fine, thank you.

Two time interviewer: It's "two time interviewer"I was wondering if you're still interested in the position?

Me: (running into the living room to do the happy dance on the carpeting so it cannot be heard) Yes, actually I am still interested.

Two time interviewer: Great! Can you start Monday?

Me: (acting all cool about it now) Yes, Monday would be fine.

Two time interviewer: Okay, Monday 9am-6pm. We'll see you then!

Me: Uh, well...Is the dress for work casual, just jeans.

Two time interviewer: Oh yes, very casual.

Me: Okay, there a break room or someplace that I will be able to store a lunch?

Two time interviewer: Oh yes, we have a kitchen with a stove, sink, fridge, dishwasher, snack machines, soda machines...

Me: Okay, well...Great! I'll see you Monday then from 9am-6pm! Thank you!

Two time interviewer: Okay see ya then...Bye.

Me: Bye!

So that's it. I got the job! Thank you everyone for keeping your fingers crossed for me! I really thought that this one had slipped right passed me. I mean, my last interview had to be borderline comical. I was on all of these sinus medications, I had a fever, I felt like I was babbling! But it worked out. Like I said, I've never worked in this field before, but with this economy it's better than no job at all! And let me tell you, I've had plenty of other little part-time jobs that were awful!

This is a full-time position, with only one Saturday a month. And that is only from 10am-3pm. And it's in the travel industry. Yep. I will start training Monday to be a travel agent! Thank you again for the well wishes everyone. I'll be sure to keep you posted on how it's going. Tomorrow night, I'm going out to dinner with a few people (family) to celebrate! I already know that I will be having Crab Legs and Sea Scallops!


Nicolle said...

Yay for you!!!! I have been checking all day to see if you posted about the job! Congratulations!!!

You definitely deserve to go celebrate. Have a great dinner tomorrow. :)

I'm so happy for you.

Janene said...

With all of those well wishes...of coarse you got the job!
Good luck and have fun!
Enjoy those crab legs...Yummy!!

Linda said...

I saw your answer of Ty Pennington to sign your cast over at Sunshine and Lemonade ... that name just jumped out at me. Thought I'd let you know, he's practically in my backyard right now! The entire Extreme Makeover team is in my town working on their next project. Cool huh?

Congrats on the job ... good luck on Monday!

Jay @halftime lessons said...

Great going, Cassie...Congrats!!


Terrie B x said...

Yaaaaahhhhhhh Way to go Cassie!!!I am so delighted ...`fly high baby`
`Enjoy` your meal tommorrow..and
`good luck` in your new job....:)~X~

The Muse said...

YES...go girl go...
and shall i say
YABBA DABBA DOooooooooooooooo!


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Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

Congratulations! I just stumbled across your blog via Half Time Lessons...I'm enjoying the entertaining read! ;) I'll be back...looking forward to hearing all about your cool new job! Hope you're feeling better! :)

Queenie Jeannie said...


I'm thrilled for you hun! Congratulations!!!!

Moderncountry said...

Cassie, That is absolutely Fantastic, Congratulation!!!! Well done!! And also in acting cool :)) I normally do that also, but inside I am alsmost bursting of pride and joy, haha..

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your supergood news!!

Aina - Moderncountry

Lannae Johnson said...

I'm doing a happy dance with you - right here in Georgia!

Dawn said...

Yaaay!! good for you Cassie!!
Wonder when they were gonna call you to tell you the good news !!!
I'm so pleased for you!

Now all I need is a job - not even an interview in site - not relly any jobs to apply for either!
Hope it changes soon!




Hiya Cassie!! Glad to have a new friend/ Margarita Bloom Gal! following!! :) I love ma music!! I usually update it every once in awhile with new songs too.

I adore that song and it's just so MB! I'm sooo glad you enjoyed it! I just may post some more videos from time to time for my peeps.

Oh, CONGRATULATIONS on the new job! I know with the economy the way it is that's very good news!! :)Stop by soon!!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

So happy for you...I was sending you the best energy I could and I guess my little bit with everyone elses and your interview skills signed the deal!!!

Ann said...

Yay! Congrats and good luck! :D

Brooke S said...

CONGRATS!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU... Way to take that leap of faith... I hope all is going well...

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

Great! I grew up with my mom owning a travel agency! Fun! I read about your first day. I'm sure it will get a little more interesting! :-)
-Kim said...

Congratulations! Hope you had a wonderful celebration dinner, and good luck with the new job.