Saturday, January 31, 2009

Photo Challenge!

Hi everyone! Boy, have I missed a lot in blogland this week! I can't wait until Spring, because I just know that I will have more time through the week to keep up with everyone. For some reason, coming home from work when it is dark outside, makes me feel like the day is done. I instantly get into the PJ's and chill! It's the same every night...Dog outside...PJ's...throw in some laundry if need be...throw some supper together...TV programs...Dog outside...then it's bedtime. I'll feel better when it stays light out until near 9pm!!!

I am way late on getting this posted, but Dawn over at Crafty Ramblings has chosen me for a Photo Challenge! I am to go to my sixth picture folder and choose the sixth picture in that folder and post about it. I am going to just tell you all the truth. I did not use my sixth picture folder because it is full of nothing but the tags and cards that you have already seen! So...I went to folder number seven and counted that one as the sixth. With all of that being said, the sixth folder is of my Brothers 40th birthday party out at his step sons place. We all sat around the pond and fished, then headed inside for supper and cake. I didn't spend THAT much time outside because 1) it was hot as hades outside and 2) there was a baseball game on that I wanted to watch!

The sixth picture in the folder is of my Brother helping his nephew with the fishing pole. There is a bit of a funny store about my Brother and his nephew. This little one here, is my Brothers' wife's' nephew. It is HER sisters' little boy. My Sister-in-law and the wee one here are blood relatives. Are you following me so far??? The little boy ADORES my Brother. He was asked one time if he would like to go and see his Aunt Cheryl. He replied, "Do you mean Uncle Jeff's wife?". He never calls his Aunt by name, he simply calls her "Uncle Jeff's wife". Isn't that funny! Anyway, my brother put one of those rubbery bright and glittery worms on his line for him. He took it off, and carried it around with him the entire day. His Mother said that he insisted on taking a bath with it, and took it to bed with him that night!

I am to choose 6 people to forward this challenge to, but I just can't leave anyone out! I would love to see more pictures from all of you! So feel free to accept this challenge, and please come back here and leave me a comment if you participate. I want to stop by for a visit to see what you came up with! Take care everyone, I'll be back with another post tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

What a `beautiful` picture of your nephew and your brother....TFS!!!Cassie:)~X~

Nicolle said...

That is a really sweet picture!

I totally understand about just wanting to go to bed when it's dark out. When you leave work and it already feels like bedtime, you don't want to do much. Spring will be much better!! I also love the daylight till almost 9 pm!

I hope your job is going well. :)