Monday, January 5, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow....It's Only A Day Away!

But it feels like it is a WEEK AWAY!!!

I had my third interview today. This time it was with the very first lady that I interviewed with, and another one of the managers whom I had not met yet. This new lady, picked today of all days to ask me questions!!! I had warned them earlier on the phone that I was battling a horrible cold. I even slipped in to the conversation that I wasn't in top form due to the sinus medication that I was on. I felt like a babbling balloon head!! They seemed to like my answers to the usual questions: "How have you handled multi-tasking"? "How have you handled a customer that had a complaint"? "Why did you apply for this job"? and so on and so forth. One of them even commented that I gave the best answer that they had heard to one of the questions. But then they hit me with the big one....the one I had been fearing most..."You seem so passionate about the bridal industry, why would you want to change to this field, and would you be happy?" Have I told you all yet that for the last 20 years I have worked in the bridal industry (with 10 years moonlighting in emergency medical)? That was a tough one. I gave the best answer my stopped up brain could muster. And then it was done. They said that they would be calling me tomorrow with their decision. So there it is. Just sitting out there, minds already made up, and me waiting! Thank you all for your well wishes and crossed fingers!

On to other things. I have not had one creative bone in my body since Christmas. I am hoping to shake this cold soon, and get back to some of the challenges that I enjoy doing. But I don't believe that I will be digging back in until next week.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend. It's hard getting back to normal life after the Christmas/New Year hub bub. All of the pretty lights are down, no more trees or gift bags. Back to normal everyday food. Before we know it, Spring will be here and I'll be wondering where in the world did Winter go!

I'll be back tomorrow with the verdict!


Chelsea Ling said...

good luck!

Nicolle said...

What did you do in the bridal industry? I love everything to do with brides, weddings, etc.

Good luck. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Nicolle said...

The beach photo is at Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda. Heaven on earth, seriously!!!! My mom and I went a few years ago. I was just telling Kevin we need to go there again someday. :)

Picket said...

Hey Cassie...hope you are feeling better did things go ...did they call you back yet? I hope all things work out to the good for you girl..thanks for coming by and for the encouragement!

Nicolle said...

I'm totally wondering if you got a call back today about the job. Hopefully you'll find out soon! I'm turning in early. I hope Boyd lets me sleep till 7 am - that would be glorious!

The Muse said...

oh i know you have to be getting so tired og waiting...poor gal !