Thursday, November 20, 2008

Decorating With Candles

Today I've wasted spent some time surfing the internet looking for some candle decorating ideas. I thought I would share my findings with everyone, making me feel like it was productive and useful time spent! These photos are all from Better Homes and Gardens website. I was just looking for some fun new things to do with candles for centerpieces and what not.

Well this one I love because the photo has pink in it! I also found it useful because I have about 100 votive glasses from a wedding reception that I decorated a few years ago.

This one I love because of it's primitive look. You can find directions on how to make them right here.

I don't have a colander that is this lovely, but I thought I would throw it in anyway! I love this look. The colander has a layer of clear cellophane in the bottom, with the candles and glass snowflake ornaments nestled on the top.

I think this one is my favorite that I have found so far. Usually I'm a silver kind of gal, not gold, but this is sooooo pretty! It basically is just wire wrapped around the votive glasses. It reminds me of the spun sugar on the Croquembouche pictured below this candle arrangement. You can watch the video and get the recipe for the Croquembouche from Martha Stewart here.

This little crafty candle is so very cute! The directions to make this are right here.

And the last one. Just an assortment of crystal glasses turned upside down to use as platforms for the pillar candles. The bases are embellished with what appears to be glass snowflakes.


Picket said...

Girl...I love these ideas...I have a little red colander just like that white one and I love the glasses turned upside down...gorgeous! It's so amazing at the great ideas that are out there..thanks for the inspiration!

Lannae Johnson said...

Time well spent! I love the votives on the silver tray. Maybe your research will be an inspiration for all of that holiday decorating I have looming around the corner!!!

sassy stephanie said...

Oh my fave is the votives!

Come on over! Great news at my place!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Ohhhh soooo pretty! I'm a candle freak!!! Good job finding these.

And thanks for popping in to visit me today.

Charmingdesigns said...

I love these ideas...thank you for going to all the trouble to find them and post them for us all to enjoy!! I say..."Thank You" Laurie