Saturday, November 22, 2008

Do The Doughnut People Deliver?

I hope that everyone is staying warm, on what I consider, a VERY cold Saturday! I woke up this morning and wanted a doughnut so bad that I thought I would probably just die without one. I poked my head outside... Nope... Don't think so... Too cold... No bakery for me today! Then I remembered something (picture the room getting a little brighter, and Angelic voices singing Awwwww, yep that's what I heard)! Monkey Bread! I haven't made it in a loooong time. I didn't add all of the bells and whistles like, nuts or raisins. But it was still pretty darn good!

So this is my public service announcement for the day. Don't forget Monkey Bread when you need something hot, gooey, cinnamony, sugary, and doughy! You probably have all the ingredients in your kitchens right now!


Dawn said...

Oh my word! This is scrummy again!
I have never heard of Monkey Bread!!!


Anne said...

I've never heard of Monkey Bread but this looks like a huge hug on a plate to me.... Mmmmmmm must investigate further!!