Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I thought it was time that I post what I truly recognize and give Thanks for today. This might be long, as I am a bit bored right now! I've already had my coffee/hot chocolate/cool whip combo. I've had my pie for breakfast, then a plate of leftovers for lunch (well, if you can consider 10 am lunchtime), and pie after my plate of lunch leftovers! I've walked the dog a couple of times, watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and am now watching Miracle On 34th Street.

There is a story that I have to tell you. It's been on my mind for a while now. Over a week ago, I was at the dollar store. I was in line at the register. Both registers were open, and I couldn't help but overhear the cashier opposite mine asking her customer what she wanted to get rid of. You see, the woman in line didn't have enough money. She was $5 short, and the employee of the store was not being very quiet about it. The woman looked mortified, sad, ashamed, you name it...all rolled up into one face. She had mostly food items (which looked to be the makings of her Thanksgiving dinner), and some household necessities such as dish soap, toilet tissue etc. With her head hung low, she started picking through bags to find which items to return. The woman standing behind her in line, reached discreetly for the embarrassed woman's hand a placed a $5 in it, and gave her a little wink. The woman mouthed the words "thank you", handed the cashier the money, and grabbed her bags and left. The kind woman that gave her the money, shot the cashier a look that would have sent a chill down my spine had I been her! The other women in that line were rolling their eyes, and sighing as if relieved. All in all, this whole episode only lasted maybe under a minute.

I am disgusted at how the cashier and the rest of the women in line were behaving. It's not like they were in the grocery store, and standing in line behind some drunk woman, who was trying to purchase $20 of booze with only $15 in her purse! This woman, she was buying food. Probably for her family. She probably had been worrying about how to pull a Thanksgiving dinner together on little money for weeks. She was probably keeping tabs of every cent as she put items in her cart, and somehow miscounted. I've sure been there! Just before payday, really wanting to go out to eat, but instead settling on a loaf of bread and lunch meat because it will last longer! I've stood in line thinking to myself "crap, I hope that I calculated this stuff correctly" while you secretly eye-ball your coins to see how many more dollars you can come up with if needed!

I am thankful for this kind woman who didn't hesitate to help someone in need. I am also thankful that the other woman's family will be enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner today.

I'm thankful for this little turd also! He is actually my Mom's dog, but I "babysit" for him ALOT! He is usually attached at my hip! He is adopted from a pet shelter. He was abandoned in his previous owners backyard. They left him tied to a tree with no food or water. After 2 weeks, the previous owners felt bad, and called to report where he was. When the animal shelter people found him, he had been drinking from a mud puddle, and the neighbor kids had been tossing him food through the fence. That was 10 years ago, we figure he is about 13 years old. His name is JJ. He loves to eat, chase cats, sleep, and play with his favorite pink ball!

I'm Thankful for places such as this. I was lucky enough to visit here once, and am anxiously awaiting the day I am going back there with my family! We are planning a trip for my birthday, and they can't wait to see the place I have been obsessing over! My aunt is visiting friends in Florida, and she called this morning as she was enjoying a walk on the beach before getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner. She needed the little break from life, and I'm thankful that she got to spend time near the ocean.

And last but not least, I'm thankful for these goofballs (my family). The only ones missing from this little show are my two nieces and two nephews. It's me, my brother, my SIL, Mom, and Aunt. Sorry for the long post! That first story is wordy!

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Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy Thankgiving!

Love your elves!

Charmingdesigns said...

oh where oh where is that beach??? I REALLY want to go!! Laurie

Tootie said...

Hi Cassie-
You are absolutely right, some people are real idiots with no sense of compassion (like those ladies and cashier in your story). I always say, "there but for the grace of God go I". Good for that lady who gave the $5!
Hope your Thanksgiving of parad watching, hot chocolate drinking and leftover eating was fab!

Tootie said...

OMG I just watched the elf's hilarious!