Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Am Being a Slug Today!

I should be working on a tag with a snow theme, and a card with a movie theme right now! I've lost my creative mojo! Instead I am surfing the web, looking at new blogs, which leads me to new blogs and so on and so forth! I have an extreme case of the lazy's today!

I am making a huge pot of brown beans with ham hocks, cornbread, and fried potatoes for dinner. It smells SOOooooo good! It had snowed just a bit overnight, and now it is sleeting outside.

I watched this movie last night. I swear I have seen it probably 100 times, I love it. Funny thing is, I OWN this movie, and I still watch it on television when it is on! I complain the whole time because they have edited out some scenes to get it completed in just 2 hours! Why I just don't pop in the DVD....I'll never know! What holiday movies do you guys watch over and over again?

I hope that every one's weekend is going well. Oh, I almost forgot! I got an email from Tootie over at Honey Girl Studios this morning. I won her cute little felt elf shoe! She has THE cutest little 2 inch pins that she makes. She has ornaments and such also.


Michelle said...

How cute is that clog!