Friday, November 21, 2008

You Stink Justin Matese! Open letter day at SITS

Today is open letter day over at SITS. Go here to check out more open letters.

Dear Cable Company,

I regret having to write you once again, but I feel that it has been far too long since our last correspondence. In light of the recent "upgrade" in programming and service that you have selflessly imposed upon me, I would just like to say "you stink Justin Matese".

For six long months this year, I spoke to many from your company nearly everyday. I would check channel 26 three hours before the first pitch of the game, and would have to call you to inform you that your "main head" was down. It always started with the customer service representative, then their supervisor, then the manager of the local office , then the manager of the regional office, and lastly the on-call technician. With each and every person I spoke to, I always started with, "your main head is down". Everyone doubted me. After promises of fixing the problem within 3-4 business days, and stories about how the St. Louis Cardinals don't sell enough tickets so they air a blank screen, it would always end with the technician calling me back to tell me I was right. The main head was down.

I am writing to request some compensation for the many hours I have spent on the telephone, explaining to you how to fix your product. I would also like for you to show me something on channel 99 like you promise every week on your radio advertisement. I would also like to have the option of having my cable fixed 24 hours a day if needed, after all I pay for it 24 hours a day.

And last but not season is practically around the corner (like 4 months or something), so you had better start working out the kinks on Fox Sports Midwest, or you will be hearing from me everyday again. I will not be defeated!

In closing, I would just like to make the point, that just because you are the only show in town shouldn't give you the right to take advantage of people and their desire for cable television. I hope this letter has not upset you, but as I said at the beginning "YOU STINK JUSTIN MATESE"!

The lady who you try to talk down to like she is some kind of idiot


Megan said...

lol. I hate our Cable company!

MammaDucky said...

All cable companies are the devil. It's like they strive to tick you off!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha!

M ^..^

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

One word: Satellite.

If you had called me to tell me that he main head was down, I would have said, "What's a main head?"

No, seriously, what's a main head?