Sunday, December 28, 2008

The After Shock of Christmas!

Well, another holiday season down! I thought I would inject a little humor into the recall of my family holiday get together. That way I won't seem quite so snarky about the whole thing!

'Twas the Saturday after Christmas, and all through Mom's place

I was dreading the day, it was evident on my face.

The wind was gusting at sixty miles per hour,

I was thinking we'd have to cancel, if we lost all the power;

The noodles were boiling and the spuds they were too,

While visions of flood warnings danced on the tube;

With Mom in the front room, and me in the back,

I told her to call my brother, to keep this day on track,

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,

I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter.

Away blew the trash can, it was gone like a flash,

It tore through the neighbors patio and landed with a smash.

The dog started barking at a ruckus in the street,

Three family members had arrived, so I ran around to greet,

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

Was my Aunt toting gifts, even though we said "none" this year.

I took my time, I moved nice and slow,

She had brought one of her friends, and my niece was in tow.

More rapid than snails they walked in the door,

I gave a "hello", and went back to my chore;

they said "Merry Christmas, Here is more food"

"What time will your bro be here with the rest of his brood?"

"No one can tell, I prepared this food to be done at four,

So fill up your plates, or I'll chuck it out the door!"

And only twenty minutes late, through the door they did shove,

It had to be a miracle, straight from above!

We sat around and ate, and chatted it up,

Then I brewed up some java, and we all had a cup.

Soon it was time to open the loot,

Everyone had something that was small and quite cute.

We sat and watched the news, that's as exciting as we get,

Then we watched a slide show of Grandma, so we wouldn't forget.

She always loved Christmas, and without her it's not comparable,

When she looks down us now, it's probably unbearable!

Our eyes -- they grew heavy, it was time to end this night,

So I packed up the leftovers, in containers real tight.

"Who wanted this" and "What with that should I do",

"Someone pick up the trash"...and then right on cue;

"This holidays done, Christmas cheer...I just can't",

"I'm leaving right now" said my grumpy old Aunt!

With a quick little hug to each and every one,

Into the night she went, she'd had enough of the fun.

I looked at my brother, he was rolling his eyes,

And I laughed when I saw him, to me this was no surprise!

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,

I knew right away, he wanted to get home to bed;

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,

Loading the car; then turned with a jerk,

"Sydney get going, the roads could be bad',

And giving a nod, she hugged dear old Dad;

He sprang back to the house, to his wife gave a whistle,

And towards the front door they flew, fast as a missile!

But I heard him exclaim, as he walked through the yard,

"Cass I'll call you tomorrow, Cheryl get in the car!"


The Muse said...

I hope your Christmas day was marvelous...and I continue to wish you a season of Merriment and Joy :) And i see that wish is coming true as I read this poetic post! LOL

Nicolle said...

YOU ARE FUNNY! I love that. We had a disastrous Thanksgiving last year, and my mom wrote a poem about it.

I'm glad you brought a great sense of humor to your day. Sounds like you can brighten the mood no matter what....grouchy aunts and all!!

Pink Heels said...

Oh my goodness...that is absolutely hilarious! You have an untapped talent waiting to blossom!

Picket said...

Oh my word...that was like the Griswold Christmas movie! lol ! lol lol I love how you can have such a sense of humor about everything...that's what keeps us sane you know! lol Hope you have an even greater New Years my friend!

Lannae Johnson said...

Love your Christmas funny! So, onto the job interview...if they are not going to ask any questions of you while there, why in the world do they think a third interview would be necessary!!!??? I think they should give you the job already! Keep us posted.

Joy Zaczyk said...

Too funny Cassie!

Thanks for your visit. :)

p.s. Happy New Year to you and yours! said...

That was just brilliant! my family should read this.