Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tag You're It Challenge & Betrayal!

Over at Tag You're It, the challenge this week is to create a tag that is in the shape of a triangle. Naturally, I took the Christmas tree route. However, I made it last night around 3am so it's more of a "Christmas Tree Jacked Up On Irish Coffee"! I just kept adding, and adding stuff to it! (Keep reading for the betrayal portion of this program!)

While I have your undivided attention, I would like to point out a very serious matter to you. I think the people at M&M's are trying to pull one over on us. You may have heard all of the hub-bub about their fancy- schmancy new flavors, and designer treats they have been making recently. WELL, peanut M&M's are taking a hit I believe. I have sampled 3 different bags of these chocolate jewels (by that I mean I've eaten ALL of each bag), and think that they are making the candy coating THICKER so that they can use less CHOCOLATE and save themselves some money. This is an OUTRAGE! I like chocolate peanuts, but only in M&M form. The ones that are strictly a peanut with chocolate around them, 1) have very little chocolate and 2) the chocolate is waxy! Why must M&M's MESS with my HEAD!?

I thought that you should be aware of this. I think it was subliminally my inspiration for this tag, it kind of reminds me of Christmas M&M's.


Sarah said...

This is a gorgeous tag! I love the festive colours. Thanks for joining in with challenge this week.

melody said...

wuv wuv wuv your tag chickie ~ such scrumptious colors and great design!

Kristy said...

Love your name, my oldest daughters name is Cassie. Have a great day SITSta!

Tracy said...

Hi Cassie-
I was the one who gave you coloring books and crayons-glad you like them:)
I still like to color too!
I want to say hi and thank you for visiting me over at my blog and leaving a comment and some kind words.
I will have to check back to see more of your creative designs and outlets-I am a much more right brained person who loves to make pretty things-I used to scrapeboook and need to get back into that.
I love you M & M inspired gift tag!

metalicbutterfly said...

love your tag cassie and i agree that peanut M&m'S should be left well alone and in their original

Emma xxx

Kath said...

fabulous tag for the challenge Cassie - thanks for joining us at TYI this week
kath said...

Oh no, why would M&M mess with perfection???