Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh well...

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I spent the day making spaghetti, eating chocolate, and watching a "Rocky" marathon on TV! My small dysfunctional group gathers Saturday at the stroke of 1600. So far, it looks like it's going to be Christmas business as usual! My Mother became suddenly ill today, until I had her entire house scrubbed from top to bottom, and had the dog bathed. All of sudden she felt well enough to eat a huge plate of "garbage nachos" complete with jalapenos, and a quick trip to the store for about 4 dozen cookies. Now, I'm no fool... I invented this in middle school! My parents actually thought I had some kind of serious stomach problem, because I was always "sick" until the dishes were done after dinner. Oh well.

Then there was my brother. The conversation went a little something like this:

Brother: My shoulder hurts.
Me: Yep, you should have come over yesterday to let me sling it for you. You've hurt your rotator cuff.
Brother: I have it wrapped with a wire.
Me: What time is your Doctors appointment?
Brother: It feels better today.
Me: You're talking $25, and maybe an hour of your time....go to the doctor.
Brother: It costs me $1,000 every time I go to the Doctor and I have good insurance.
Me: Well, you should look into that, it doesn't sound right to me...go to the doctor.
Brother: Aren't we doing something at Mom's tomorrow?
Me: Yes, what time will you be there?
Brother: I'll talk to Mrs. Brother, I'll call you tomorrow.

Most people have a standard "goodbye" or "talk to ya later" or "take care" valediction. Not my brother! Whether he is on the phone or in person, his standard valediction is "I'll call you tomorrow". He Never Calls Tomorrow! Oh well.

Then it was on to my Aunt. Her truck was parked on the street outside of Mom's house. I called her because I was worried that someone would not see it and run into the back of it due to the fog. She asked if I could run it out to her house, and then she would drive me home. Sure thing. On the ride back, our conversation went a little something like this:

Aunt: How's your Mom feeling.
Cassie: She doesn't feel well today.
Aunt: We don't have to do this tomorrow.
Cassie: Fine with me, Mom's the only one it matters to anyway.
Aunt: I hate Christmas, and I want nothing to do with it.
Cassie: I don't know why we drag out the Christmas Torture every year.
Aunt: Don't expect much from me, I went to a couple...I just don't....See ya tomorrow.
Cassie: See ya tomorrow.

This is pretty normal. My Aunt must hold the world record for the fastest "getting in the Christmas Spirit and then zooming back out of it"! She called on Christmas morning and was putting up her tree, and having our traditional Christmas Eve hors d'oeuvre's (that we had when Grandma hosted Christmas). Today...Bam...Scrooge! Oh well.

Then there are the supporting characters in the whole drama. My sister in law...she's pretty much the only "normal" one of the bunch (and by normal I mean she is like me...ha-ha) with a slight problem of asking me about my brother's ex-wife nonstop. And my nieces...who probably won't show up since we made it perfectly clear at Thanksgiving that we weren't doing a big gift exchange this year. Oh well. It's the way we do Christmas, and 24 hours from now, it will be DONE!

On to the job interview! I went for the second one today, and I have to was weird just like the first one. My first and second interview were with two different people, and neither of them asked me a single question! They did however both make the standard statements "you don't have children" and "you're not married", and waited for me to acknowledge that. They both talked the whole time, while I tried to squeeze in bits of information about myself and how my experience could be beneficial in this position. It's just the strangest thing! She told me at the end of the interview that they would either be calling me back the first week in January to schedule a third interview (WHAT!), or they would call me with their decision. She told me that I was near the top of the list due to my customer service experience. So waiting....again.....Oh well!


Pixie said...

Families...aren't they just great? Can you imagine what it would be like to pick your own family? Paradise!

I liked your story...thanks for sharing. I have been abit 'Grinchy' myself this year, so I understand!

Good luck with the job interview..hope things go well for you!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Good luck on the interview!!!

Yes, the third princess is Sleeping Beauty, aka Princess Aurora!

Nicolle said...

Christmas and families....very stressful! I know I always thought we had a "normal" family, but we DON'T! I'm sorry yours was like it was. I'll adopt you and we'll just have a good old time next year!!! :))

I hope you do get the job!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm back with some Pepto for your tummy.......I figured you'd be needing it with all those consumed chocolates, lol!

The Muse said...

Yikes..i am glad you love them!LOL...Ah families!

Ooo, I am so fingers crossed for your interview (the third time is the charm, right?)